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Types of logos and How to use them!

The logo is an image that symbolises your brand. But did you know that there are 6 types of logos? Each type of logo gives a different feel to your brand. Let’s make sure you have it right now!

Monogram Logos — Lettermark
These designs typically consist of letters, most commonly the initials of the company. HBO, IBM, NASA, CNN, EA, HP… these are all the initialism of some prominent companies with long names! Since they all use their initials for brand recognition, it makes perfect sense for them to use monograms to reflect their business.
A lettermark is a typography emblem made up of a few letters. Conceptually, it’s all about convenience. A great example of this is HP, how much simpler it is to tell and understand than the Hewlett-Packard Company.
Since the emphasis is on the initials, the font you use is very important to make sure that your logo is not only on the theme of what your company does but also legible when you print on print designs. Also, if you’re not an existing company, you may want to add your full business name below the logo so that people can start learning who you are right away.

Wordmarks — Logotypes
This is a style of design that is somewhat similar to a lettermark, a wordmark is a font-based logo that focuses on the company name itself. Wordmark logos perform very well when a business has a concise and distinct name. The Google logo is a perfect example of this. The name itself is catchy and memorable, so when paired with good typography, the logo helps to establish strong brand awareness.
Also, as in a lettermark logo, typography would be a significant decision. Since the emphasis will be on your name, you’ll want to select a font — or create a font — that captures the essence of what your company is doing. For example, fashion brands prefer to use clean, stylish, high-end fonts, whereas legal or government agencies almost always stick to the conventional, “heavier” text that they feel safe.

Pictorial Marks — Logo Symbols
A pictorial mark is a graphic based logo design. When you think about the brand name, you still associate the image: like the Apple logo, the Twitter logo, etc. Each of these companies’ marks is so emblematic, and each brand is so defined that the mark itself is immediately recognisable. The true mark of a brand is only an image. Because of this, it could be a tricky logo style for new businesses, or those without good brand awareness, to use.
The biggest thing to consider when moving to a pictorial mark is what picture to choose from. This is something that will hang on to the company’s entire life.

Abstract Logo Mark
An abstract mark is a particular form of an image logo. Instead of being a recognisable image — like an apple or a bird — it’s an abstract geometric object that represents your company. Some popular examples include the Adidas flower strip, Teqnocart’s Logo. Like all logo symbols, abstract marks function really well because they condense the brand into a single image. However, instead of being limited to an image of something familiar, abstract logos, you can create something entirely special to reflect your brand.
The biggest advantage is being able to express, symbolically, what the business does. Through colour and form, you can shape sense and develop emotion around your brand.

Often quirky, often cartoonish, yet always fun, the mascot logo is a perfect way to build your own brand character. Mascot logos are the development of an animated character for your brand image. You’re supposed to think of them as the ambassador of your company. Popular mascots are Pringles, KFC, Michelin.

Combination Mark
A combination mark is a logo consisting of a combined wordmark or lettermark and a pictorial mark, an abstract mark or a mascot. The image and text may be placed side-by-side, stacked on top of each other, or integrated together to create an image. Such well-known combination logos include Doritos, Burger King, Teqnocart.
Typically this happens when the name is connected to the picture, a combination mark is a flexible option. People will automatically begin to associate your name with your pictorial mark!

There you’ve got it. A breakdown of all sorts of logos out there.


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