Top 5 Design Trends to Look for in 2020

What will the world of design look like next year? Are you excited? In our inspiration-boosting process, we’re looking into some of the coolest design trends for 2020. And as a disclaimer, these all are our opinions. Which of the following trends should be the aptest for your business?

1. Serif Fonts

Move over sans, we think that new and up-coming brands will be utilizing more serif fonts than sans-serif fonts. While we’re not saying that the coming days of san-serif fonts like Futura are behind us. Who doesn’t love Futura? We predict that serif fonts will be a popular choice for packaging, social media, and most designs.

2. Abstract Patterns

Abstract patterns are already seen in graphics all over social media. Still, we have a feeling abstract patterns and shapes aren’t going anywhere anytime soon. Prepare for everyone to layer in geometric shapes and patterns onto their graphics, web, or print designs. These asymmetrical shapes feel like something that crawled out of a Matisse painting – we are excited how they evoke branding.

3. Typography

In 2020, designers will get innovative with modern compositions and typography will play a big role. Hand letters, geometric shapes, decorated fonts will make a new trend in 2020. The typography will get everyone’s attention. Thick & Thin fonts will rule as well. In our opinion, the thicker will go better. These types of fonts can give your designs a modern and contemporary feel. Dynamic photography and 3D effects added to typography will reflect this trend.

4. Animations

Animations will continue to dominate throughout 2020. Beyond social media, animations are used to help a brand stand out. Animations will allow companies to emphasize the features and the uniqueness of their brand. Studies mention that animations are influencing the brain in terms of relaxation. They can be very satisfying to watch and they can convey the feeling that the consumer is already using the product and reach a bigger audience.

5. 3D Design

Three-dimensional compositions will be huge in 2020. The trend reached a peak in 2019 and it won’t go away soon. Modern technology and software capabilities are also increasing day by day, 3D will grow even further. Isometry, or the drawing 3D objects in 2D, is another trend that we will see more of in 2020. Furthermore, the motion will be key. 3D design enables brands to evolve visually and create more engaging content.