Why Digital Marketing is so Important?

In the Digital age, the techniques used to meet the needs of customers and increase their turnover are transformed through innovations, which now offer almost endless possibilities. Digital Media have indeed multiplied in recent years and marketing have undergone significant changes. Where radio spots, TV advertising, advertising posters and telephone prospecting were widely used before, today new forms of marketing have taken over: sending Emails, Advertising Banners Online, Organic and paid search Marketing, E-commerce, Content Marketing, Social Networks, use of Big Data.

If digital marketing is so widely used, it is because it provides many benefits to both companies to grow their brand awareness, loyalty and real savings, than to customers who can benefit from personalized benefits. However, these new opportunities are not simply digitalization of existing technologies. They actually require very specific skills, and training in digital marketing has become a necessity for most entities.

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The Emergence of Digital Marketing!

Marketing is so important, we must first look at the digital innovations that made their appearance among the general public in the early 90s. Indeed, with the advent of Web companies have begun to diversify their ways of communicating and selling. However, it was only an application of traditional techniques to the digital sector. The real changes first appeared with the birth of Google and the focus on SEO. Businesses then had to develop new skills and focus on their content instead of focusing on conventional advertising techniques, thereby providing real benefits to Internet users. The latter could actually have access to truly interesting, more comprehensive information that was no longer limited to a product catalog or flash-colored commercials, promising exceptional discounts.

The second revolution took place in the 2000s, when one-way communication gave way to exchanges, facilitated by the arrival of forums, but especially social networks. This has undoubtedly changed the way companies address their customers and their prospects, to gradually move away from traditional marketing, without abandoning it completely. In fact, it is not a question of putting an end to the more traditional marketing techniques, but of integrating all the supports available to practice a 360 ° marketing and to develop a real presence, which allows to acquire customers and strengthen the brand image.

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Why Digital Marketing?

If we focus as much on digital media today, to develop and sustain its business, it’s because digital is not only ubiquitous in our lives, but also because it provides many benefits. Saving time, more accessible markets, customizing the relationships and better control of the budget are just some of the benefits of digital transformation.The Internet opens up opportunities in a global market that was previously difficult for local businesses to access. Digital marketing is therefore all the more important as it provides access to millions of potential customers at any time of the day. Digital marketing is a way to increase its sales and increase its notoriety with all the techniques available.

Meet the expectations of customers and prospects

Where traditional marketing is termed Outbound, digital techniques respond to Inbound Marketing. In simple words, it becomes easier to let the customer come to him, rather than overwhelm him with advertising that may not interest him. Big thanks to the Internet & the search engines, companies can produce content that is likely to interest Internet users and mobile users, who will come for themselves when they feel the need. Digital prospecting no longer works like the traditional commercial prospection as we know it, since it is now the customers who are in demand, where the commercials were before charged to fetch a new clients.

In addition, all tracing technologies give businesses a significant advantage in targeting their advertising accurately. Thanks to cookies, GPS data and databases, they have valuable information to offer useful and interesting content for the user. This allows for example to send targeted promotional codes, to carry out retargeting, to target a certain category of the population with Facebook ads, etc. Nowadays it’s even easier for Data to be available in real time, to adapt quickly to needs and not miss any potential customer.

Retain consumers in a new way!

While it seems clear that digital marketing can significantly expand the potential consumer base, it should also be recognized that this is a very effective way to retain current customers. Several levers can be used for this purpose:

The collection of data and their area of interest, to know the consumers, to offer them what they need and show them the interest that is given to their individuality, to create a stronger connection with the brand.

Seeking a positive customer experience to offer more than just advertising to users and mobile users. This is about offering great content that tells a story that is very immersive and fun, so that the consumer remembers the brand, creates a special bond with it and wants to enter/visit again & again.

Creating a brand community using social media and mobile apps to build a special relationship and remain ubiquitous in the minds of customers, while thinking about delivering useful and/or entertaining content to avoid creating weariness. Digital marketing is particularly an important part in this factor, since consumers can easily communicate with each other, help each other, display products of the brand with other users, share tips or their sports performance.

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